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Collette Caters Inc. is a company that was birthed out of the heart and mind of Lindsay Collette Edwards, single mother of four who always had a love of cooking and entertaining the masses. Lindsay often used cooking to bring her family and friends together to celebrate life, make hard times easier, and to try some of her new creations. Often times Lindsay used her kitchen as her safe haven from the everyday stresses of life. When Lindsay was laid off from her job, it caused her to think about her dreams and visions and what she really desired rather than to search for another dead end job.

After much consideration and speaking to her support system, she came to the conclusion that being able to earn a living doing what she loves to do while giving the gift of great food to others is her ultimate dream. Being able to turn what she loves to do into multiple streams of income is what this country is founded upon.

Because Lindsay’s youngest son Isaiah is on the Autism Spectrum, Collette Caters Inc. will partner with Autism Speaks and The Marcus Center allowing her company to donate a percentage of each sale for Autism research.